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Surf Sleeves & Buttons


The easily distinguishable Croker pink was first introduced in 1992 when Kaye Croker decided she could make masculine surf rowers use pink. What started as a threat has become the hallmark of Croker genuineness and quality.Our Croker pink sleeves, teamed with our yellow buttons, make a Croker Oar impossible to miss!


Squareback Surf Sleeve
Squareback Surf Sleeves


The squareback surf sleeves are made from copolymer interlocking injection-moulded plastic. This sleeve is available in two parts: the sleeve body and sleeve back (clip). 


Round Surf Sleeve
Round Surf Sleeves


Our round surf sleeves are a heat shrink plastic. It is durable and reliable.



Row Square Button
Square Surf Button


Row Round Button
Round Surf Button


Rowing Buttons


Our surf buttons are a fibre reinforced thermoplastic. This offers maximum durability and impact resistance. Our sleeves are fitted with square or round buttons, depending on your sleeve type. 


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