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Ocean Rowing



Photo credit: Steve Lupson

One of the fastest growing areas of rowing is Ocean Racing we manufacture oars designed specifically for the harsh conditions of open water racing. We manufacture oars for a wide variety of boats therefore we have a wide range of oar lengths available.

M1 Ocean Sculls


For any Ocean Rowing Challenge such as the World’s Toughest Row Altantic (Formally the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge), Atlantic Dash and World’s Toughest Row Pacific etc. we recommend our M1 Ocean Sculling Oars, which are used by a growing number of competitors each year. We used our unique experience of both Surf Boat and River Rowing to produce an oar that is strong enough to handle the rigors of ocean rowing while retaining the feel of a standard oar.


M1 Ocean oars are built using our narrow diameter M1O rowing shaft which is manufactured using a mixture of Carbon and Fibreglass to ensure both strength and resilience. To these shafts we fit our closed edged sculling macon blade and MK1 Rowing sleeves and buttons.


We build these oars to order and to customers specification, so you get exactly what you want/need. Many clients order wooden handled fixed length oars of 318cm or 320cm, though some prefer our rubber handled adjustable length oar with +/- 3cm of adjustment – both generally have an inboard midpoint of 88cm.


Build time is generally 3-4 weeks though we recommend that you contact us as early as possible to discuss your requirements, along with any timelines you may have, to allow us to ensure we have stock and allocate accordingly.





Adjustable or Fixed


Flex - Weight



£730.00 per pair (ex VAT)

Photo credit: Steve Lupson

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