The easily distinguishable Croker pink was first introduced in 1992 when Kaye Croker decided she could make masculine rowers use pink. What started as a threat has become the hallmark of Croker genuineness and quality. Our Croker pink sleeves, teamed with our yellow buttons, make a Croker Oar impossible to miss! 

Sculling Sleeves & Buttons


Mark 1 Symmetrical (MK1)


The MK1 sculling sleeve comes in two parts, the sleeve body and the clip (back). The inboard measurements are calibrated on the back of the clip.


The geometry of the sculling sleeve, if combined with rowlocks that have a 95 degree inside corner, provides excellent stability at the catch. The sculling clips can be replaced as required without removing the sleeve.

Available in two sizes: 

Mark 1/S3: S3 shafts 

Mark 1/S6: S5 and S6 shafts


Complete pair £27.50

Mark1 Symmetrical (MK1)
Mark 3 Asymmentric (MK3)


The latest sculling sleeve was introduced in 2007. It is a major upgrade to the MK1 symmetrical sleeve and is held together with plastic interlocking clips. This double ended sleeve performs better because it only has two flat surfaces.


The asymmetric design reduces the distance between the shaft and the swivel face. It is more stable square or feathered and positive in its movement, squaring and feathering. This asymmetric design is not recommended for use with the Magik or Martinoli swivels as these swivels produce excessive wear on the sleeves.

Fits: S2, S3, S4 and S39/S40 Arrow shafts


Complete pair £15.00


Mark3 Asymmentric (MK3)
Sculling Buttons


These buttons are paired up with MK1 or MK3 rowing buttons.


Sold in Pairs £12.50 


MK1 Sculling Button
MK3 Sculling Button
MK1 Buttons
MK3 Buttons