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How to set the pitch on Sleeve to zero degrees


  1. Place oar face down on a jig or a block of wood as per diagram below. Place a level in the centre of the sleeve,
    (image right).


  2. If the level on the sleeve is less than 1/2 degree out it needs to be scraped to 0 degrees. If sleeve is too far out it may need to be removed and/or if too worn it may need to be replaced. 

This diagram outlines how to lay the oar over a block of wood to set the sleeve at the correct angle after being glued up.

Pitching Jig

Pitching the Boat


  1. Level boat bow to stern. Chock riggers to keep boat firm. Place level inside the boat on beam (across the boat) to check level.

  2. Pins also need to be vertical both ways as per diagram.

  3. Place 4 degree inserts into swivels and then place swivels on and you are ready to row!


1) Level across boat


2) Level both ways on pin


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