Premium Rowing and Sculling Oars

This latest generation of rowing and sculling oars features small diameter shafts and new blades dedicated to the new shafts.

The rowing and sculling blade which are designed to fit on the smaller shafts, features thin edges, low wind resistance, 3D curvature and hydrodynamic efficiency which gives good lockup in the water but is still clean on entry and exit.


Croker blades have been known for cleanliness in and out of the water and these new blades take it one step further.


​Complete sculling from 1275gms and complete rowing from 2260gms.




Need to change a sleeve? Check out this video.

Replacing sleeves
Replace Sleeves
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A combination of heat and cold water can cause a vacuum causing water to be sucked into a shaft. Howard deomonstrates the best way to fix it.

Replace Sleeves
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Welcome to Croker Oars UK

For well over 50 years Croker Oars have crafted premium stilllwater oars for the rowing community and the pink sleeve has become an international icon, recognisable from afar.


Croker Oars continue to innovate in the sport of rowing, always searching for new and improved technology to create quality products for rowers to perform at their absolute best.

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