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Replace Sculling Grips


There are a few ways to remove and replace sculling grips:

To remove

  • Float off with water

  • Float off with compressed air

Clean the handle with all purpose thinners to remove any grease or grime.


Select the correct colour grip for the correct diameter handle.


To replace

  • Float on with water

  • Float on with compressed air

  • Use spray varnish



Put the spoon of blade up against the base of a wall as you will be pushing against this in the next step.

If you want a better bond and don’t want to get wet, use spray varnish to help slide grips on and push into place. 


Place the grip on the end of the handle and your thumb over the hole in the end of the rubber grip, fill with water or use spray varnish method as per in video.


In a quick forceful movement force the grip over the end of the handle. 

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