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Replacing Rubber Grips on a Rowing Oar


Replacing Rubber Grip on Rowing Oar

You will need the following:

  • Draw knife

  • Chisel

  • Sandpaper

  • Thinners

  • Rema Tip-Top - SC4000 Cement
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    NSW -  02 8755 8400

    VIC -  03 8786 3333

    QLD - 07 3710 8888

    WA -  08 6253 1900

    SA -  08 8169 2800

    New Zealand Paykel Auckland -  +64 9268 3600


  1. ​Scrape old grip off carbon handle with a draw knife, chisel, sharp bladed knife or similar.

  2. Clean handle with sandpaper and thinners.

  3. Mix SC4000 glue to ratio of hardener 4%  which equals 100gms of SC4000 to 4gms of hardener which will make enough to cover and attach 4 grips.  Use a digital kitchen scales to weigh the glues then prime handle with newly mixed cement.

  4. Allow glue to dry.

  5. Grips are supplied pre primed.

  6. Apply glue to primed handle first and then the grip, in that order.

  7. Wait until glue is tacky but doesn’t come off on finger.

  8. Start applying blue rubber against a straight edge positioned along the handle.

  9. Wrap grip around handle overlapping the joint. Run finger along the joint so it makes good contact.

  10. Trim excess rubber with Stanley knife using straight edge.

  11. Apply two strips of electrical tape to either side of the joint leaving a gap 2-3mm.

  12. Apply small amounts of contact adhesive along joint between the two tape lines.

  13. Wrap a plastic packaging tape firmly around handle (sticky side out).

  14. Remove tape once glue has dried.



Replacing Timber Veneer Grip on Rowing and Surf Oars

You will need the following:

  • Curled up Veneer grip from Croker

  • Epoxy resin with a lightweight filler (laminating Epoxy resin) could be West Systems Microlight, Q Cell or Microballoons

  • Black insulation tape

  • Small hand plane

  • Packing tape

  • Sandpaper

  1. Remove covering (old veneer grip) including any black glue. Sand until you are back to the carbon fibre.

  2. Dry fit veneer cover so that it does not overlap. Plane off any overlapping areas. Leave a small gap 1-2mm.

  3. Apply Black insulating tape 460mm from the thin end of the blade to prevent glue staining the handle.

  4. Mix epoxy resin to a pourable consistency like honey.

  5. Paint on an even layer approx 1mm thick.

  6. Slip Veneer over handle and squeeze into place.

  7. Tape in three positions to hold still on the handle.

  8. Spiral wrapclear packing tape sticky side facing out (twist after the first two turns to keep sticky side off the veneer).

  9. Let dry.

  10. Remove any tape and fill any areas that need filling, let dry.

  11. Sand to a smooth finish.

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